Chatuchak Market! (also known as JJ Market)is the market of my market shopping and exploration dreams!!  For those lucky enough (or brave enough?) to venture to Thailand's sweaty, crazy, busy, awesome hotpot of a capital city at any time of the year, will have no doubt encountered this God of a market accessible via the public transport or system or in my case a short icy air-conditioned taxi ride away.  This market is so amazing that my Bangkok trips will always revolve around visits on both weekend days as well as my quest to find yet another object that i have only realise has been missing from my life once i have seen it nestled in amongst the resin buddahs and vintage paper mache animal heads.  I am yet to visit an actual Bangkok temple, yet i have been to this market more times than i have been to Melbourne's own iconic Vic Markets in the city, and i still feel like i am nowhere near covering the 15 000 stalls based within its 35 acres of gigantuam size.
Mid shopping icy treats.
Its is a melting pot of everything you can well imagine could be sold (and a few things which you question whether they should be sold?) And it is busy! This is a place where you can master the sidestep due to the massive crowds that flock here every weekend as well as hug and sometimes envelope your own backpack (worn on the front through fear of sneaky pickpockets) due to the tight alleyways, narrow aisles and even smaller shops spaces. Shop's with aircon become your saving grace, even if you aren't particularly interested in purchasing fake 'Nikee' tracksuit in fluro pink and beige. It is the place where you carry a sweat rag to mop your brow and loose all shame about the lack of clothing you choose to wear in place of comfort and the hope of catching a whisper of a breeze on the small part of your shoulder that isn't touching another human being.
Where young coconuts and pepsi come together to mingle.
There are sections after sections of everything here, from vintage cowboy boots to squirrels in santa suits. I've purchased tiny flamingos and giant flamingos as well as cutting edge local thai fashion and a giant fibreglass rabbit (actually this last one was purchased by my business partner Stacey, but its awesomeness was well worth a mention!) Craft supplies, and more craft supplies, baskets, string, paper, feathers, tiny glass bottles, giant glass bottles, thai antiques, vintage eye ware, a random spanish paella, a plastic toy dog poop, fanta in a plastic bag, quail eggs snacks, old school moulded icipoles in buckets of ice, thai handicrafts, framed butterflies, yet another tshirt shop..oh how the list goes on!! All that is left to say is that Chatuchuk market MUST go on your bucket list if it hasn't already been ticked off!

Quick Facts!
  • JJ Market is the largest market in Thailand and the largest weekend market in the world.
  • There are approx 15000 stalls.
  • JJ Market has been in operation since 1982.
  • Is prime pickpocket territory (hug those bags peeps!).
  • There are 27 different sections selling anything and everything from pet dogs to handcrafted jewellery to rare Thai antiques.
  • Approximately 200 000 people visit on both open days (Sat and Sun).
  • And do haggle! bargains can and will be found here!

More about Chatuchuk Market 

Tell us what you make/create?

I am a local designer and the owner of Melbourne based online company, madebytimpano ~ hand-screen printed home wares. madebytimpano design original rustic-retro inspired home wares, using unbleached fait trade cottons and European linens. All designs are created by myself, in my Hampton studio and are screen–printed by local Melbourne hands (ensuring each print is a complete original!), all inks are water based, non-toxic and are environmentally friendly (gotta love that!!). madebytimpano’s range, currently consists of tea towels, aprons and cloth/calico shopping/wine bags.

Current design range consists of:
  • Plain Flour
  • Refined Sugar
  • Mamma’s Sugo
  • Melbourne Suburbs

What is your style?

madebytimpano’s style is a mixture of ‘rustic-retro, with a touch of vintage! Creations are inspired by rustic images of the past, in particular Flour and Sugar Sacks design from the 50’s and 60’s. Other madebytimpano designs are inspired by all things Melbourne, hence the ever-expanding Melbourne Suburb range, which caters to a more modern market!

Tell us how you started.  What inspired you or drew you to design and create your products?

I’ve always been a ‘crafty, make your own things-kind-of -person’, I take after my Mum!! I have a nursing back ground but have always dabbled in most craft/sewing projects over the years and always knew that I would one day have my own lil business. I’ve collected snippets ‘n’ clippings about creative/crafty/designer’s having their own business and thought ‘one day that’ll be me’!

So about two and half years ago, I started sewing door stops and heat packs from original flour and sugar sacks. I liked the idea of using something authentically vintage, from a bygone era. They proved to be popular however they were quiet difficult to source, therefore reliability was tricky. A friend of mine recommended that I make my own design and have them screen-printed!!! I did struggle with the ‘non authentic’ concept and at that point, was prepared to ‘throw in the towel’ and forget about the business all together. However after a few months of ‘thinking time’, I realised I wanted to move forward in my business … I did my homework and went down the path of creating my own designs, searching for local hand screen-printers that use eco-friendly dyes and adopt a more sustainable focus. I eventually found the right ‘person for the job’ and it took off from there. Funnily enough, door stops are non longer on madebytimpano’s list these days but it was what kick-started madebytimpano, in the early days!!

What have you learnt through this process?

My personal mantra is ‘never give up’! You always need to be true to your creative side and honour it, whatever it may be and you must wholeheartedly believe in your craft. It’s good to always remain mindful that there can be highs and lows with exposing your creative side to the big wide world and venturing into your own lil business, but the personal rewards are phenomenal! It makes the endless hard work, dedication and sacrifices definitely worthwhile.

What has been the biggest challenge?                                                                             
The biggest challenge for me, is focusing on the ‘non-creative’ side’ of the business, i.e. Administration (inventories, banking book keeping, budget etc). It realistically takes up 70% of my business time, however the ‘business’ side of my business is crucial and it has been a steep learning curve in which I have enjoyed most of the time. It is a necessity if you want a successful business but it can be challenging, as I all I want to focus on is creating new designs, instead of doing the paperwork!!!

And reward?                                                                                                                         The Fun/Creative Side’ of madebytimpano is what keeps me motivated and inspired. Once my designs are up ‘n’ running, screen printed and sold to satisfied customers, it’s such an amazing feeling! It’s such a buzz when a customer purchases our wares, as it reinforces my confidence in what we do and create! It allows me to forget about all the paper work and realise I’m really doing what I love and likewise my customers enjoy what I do too!

Where can we find your wares?

madebytimpano are online, so feel free to look us up!



Local Stockists:

·      LULA – Health & Well Being 402 Hampton Street Hampton Victoria

·      Page 8 - 543 Hampton Street Hampton Victoria

·      Page 8 - 188 Main St  Mornington Victoria


Photo by Peter Coulson
We are pleased to announce a new a era of Gather Magazine! 
In line with current trends, reader feedback and uses of social media, we have decided to transform Gather Magazine into a blog which will consist of everything you loved about our first few issues and more of it more often!
More More More!
We hope you are as excited about this new move as we are! Stayed tuned!
We've been quiet on our blog but busy behind the scenes but that is about to change.  We've been on a steep learning curve and learnt a lot about well a lot!  We've got some great new stories coming soon and in a whole new format.  Stay tuned peeps!
Issue 3 is not due to drop until September but there is so much happening in August we wanted to tell you about.

August is Craft Victoria's annual festival with heaps and heaps on. There are some great exhibitions and workshops for the creatives out there.

One in particular caught our attention - 'Point and Shoot: Photographing your craft' run by professional photographer Andrew Barcham where you will learn how to get the best photos of your product for whichever platform you are using to sell your wares.  You don't need to spend a bomb on equipment to get great photos that will increase the chance of sales - great huh?!  This gem of a workshop is on the 3rd August and is only $15 craft members and $30 non members.

Also on Craft to Consumer: Selling online 3rd August $15/30, and one we'll be getting to DIY Design with Daniel + Emma, 17th August, $40/80.

The full program can be found at

SO much to do, so litt
Last night Gather Magazine had the privilege of attending ARTZ inaugural event 'Birth', in partnership with the Fashion Technicians Association of Australia (FTAA).  ARTZ, a new arts company founded by writer Ejaz Ahamed and designer Aron Katona brings together designers, poets, writers, artists, painters, photographers, sculptors, textile artists, spoken word performers to collaborate and 'birth' new works of art together.

The event called on every sense.  Club 23 at Crown Towers was pulsating with sound, art, perfumed bodies and gorgeous cocktails, The wood walls seemed especially tactile, calling out to be touched along with a few of the guests, especially the half-dressed man covered in gold leaf! We were introduced to a number of emerging and established artists and witness to their creations. An inspired and inspiring evening from every aspect.

Writing, sorting, cutting, pasting, snacking, chatting, emailing, deciding...
Yes peeps, we are about to make a day off it! We shall be stocked with coffee, tea, (maybe a timtam or 2) as we start to pull this second addition together!

We have photoshoots, tutorials, riveting articles, local designers, amazing insights and, well, i cant say much more, i would hate to spoil the surprise!!

Stay tuned for more news on this captivating story....
The issue 1 we wanted to share! both are great, but this is better!! the pages are in the proper format (content exactly the same) but this version should make a slightly easier read online!